We do synthpop.

Recent Releases

Like Back in the 80´s

4-track EP, Release Date 31.12.2018 23:59

This City

2-track single (2014)

I Walk Alone

6-track single (2015)

Electronically Yours – Limited

12-track album + 3″CD with a DM coversong (2014)

About Love?

Love? is an electro-pop group from Germany, founded in 1997 and a child of the 80ies.
Love? loves working with old analog instruments, quality and chance are important.
Love? is Wonderboy (vocals, electronics and rhythms), Miss Violett (electronics, rhythms and noise), TI (language translator) and friends.
The main driving force behind Love? is the consideration of the question “Love? …does true love exist?”
Love? is and remains, “Electronically Yours”.


What they say about Love?

„Man that song – The Sign“!

„Anyway“ geht mir nach!

„Monochild“ das ist die Single!

„In your hands“ das wird der Hit! (1993)

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