Record making is sometimes record breaking.

Our release-rate is low, but for us only quality matters …

Soundz For Lovers (1997)

First EP including the radio hit "In Your Hands" and "Oh sweet sweet" ...

Unique (1998) – Debut Album

Still timeless piece of electropop, produced by Heiko Maile (Camouflage)

Fragile (2005) – Promo Album

12 until today unreleased songs like "A China House Vibe"

Electronically Yours (2014)

Well produced - Limited DCD by Olaf Wollschläger ... who knows how to press the buttons :)

Electronically Yours – Limited (2014)

This Metal-Boxset is limited to 50 copies, numbered and sealed with 2 bandaroles
Box content: DCD (Album + Depeche Mode Coverversion “In Your Memory” as a 3 Inch Disc), Special Love? Mask, USB Stick with Promo Clips, Exclusive Download Code, Signed Picture, 2 Buttons, 1 Sticker, and a special Love? LED.

This City – Remix EP

The single includes the radio and clubmix (by Olaf Wollschläger)

I Walk Alone – Remix EP

6-Track Remix-EP with Remixes done by Beborn Beton, Synthetik Form, Rossetti’s Compass, Stephan Raabe,

Like Back In The 80´s – EP

4-Track Remix-EP with Remixes done by Reter Rainman & Stephan Raabe